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Code Academy is a premier institute in Mississauga providing quality coding and programming education to kids of all ages. We have a team of qualified teachers having hands-on expertise in teaching robotics, coding, HTML and basic computer skills. Our classroom lessons and practical learning ensures that your kids stay a step forward in technology than other kids of their age.

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At Code Academy, we are excited about getting results and setting your child up for long-term success. From basics to logic, our teachers focus on every step of the learning process to build academic confidence, intellectual curiosity and inspired learning.


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Amelie loved the camp and learned a lot there. The instructors were fantastic.


Code Academy is the best programming institute my son has ever been to. The instructors are highly trained and courteous and very well knows how to make kids grasp a lesson.


I am sending my kids over there for the last two weeks, and they love coming here. They have learned a lot about computers and are happy about it.